Solar thermal conducting medium
          Heat pump energy exchange fluid
          Polyurethane release agent
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Anti-haze & emission reduction series 
Diesel tail gas treatment fluid, suitable for compliance with the country IV and above discharge standards for diesel engine SCR system. 
Energy saving and consumptionender series 
Solar thermal conductive medium for split solar hot water systems 
Clean heating series 
Heat pump Heating system for energy source heat pump heating system, with excellent heat (cold), heat exchange (cold), heat storage (cold) and antifreeze performance. 
Release agent series 
Applicable to polyurethane insulation materials, elastomer release type, such as solar water heaters, insulation board, cold storage board, insulation shell, polyurethane screen and castings.

This product is commonly known as Adblue aqueous solution, from high purity urea and R0 reverse osmosis deionized water prepared by a unique blend process is a diesel engine exhaust nitrogen oxides (NOx) special reducing agent to produce pollution-free nitrogen and water vapor emissions, And thus play the role of purification of exhaust gas, for the country IV (Euro IV) and above the emission standards of various types of passenger cars, trucks, special vehicles, construction machinery and ships and other diesel engine SCR system. 
According to the German Automobile Industry Association (VDA) AdBlue and the American Petroleum Institute (API) DEF two standards, strict implementation of the national standard of the technical indicators " 
Micron impurity filtration, easy to spray atomization, efficient reduction of nitrogen oxides in the exhaust, effectively improve the exhaust gas purification rate. 
High purity raw materials, water purification thoroughly, effective protection of SCR system. 
Unique process, super low-temperature capacity, freezing point up to -15 ℃, -15 ℃ above no crystallization. 
Before filling, check the Adblue reservoir and prevent it from adding to the tank. 
Ventilated, cool place to store, storage suitable temperature: -5 ~ 25 ℃ 
If the crystallization occurs at low temperature, can be dissolved, does not affect product performance, can continue to use.

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