Solar thermal conducting medium
          Heat pump energy exchange fluid
          Polyurethane release agent
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Solar thermal conducting medium

Anti-haze & emission reduction series 
Diesel tail gas treatment fluid, suitable for compliance with the country IV and above discharge standards for diesel engine SCR system. 
Energy saving and consumptionender series 
Solar thermal conductive medium for split solar hot water systems 
Clean heating series 
Heat pump Heating system for energy source heat pump heating system, with excellent heat (cold), heat exchange (cold), heat storage (cold) and antifreeze performance. 
Release agent series 
Applicable to polyurethane insulation materials, elastomer release type, such as solar water heaters, insulation board, cold storage board, insulation shell, polyurethane screen and castings.

Product advantages 
Non-toxic (low toxicity) environmental protection, environment-friendly:
Micro-toxic or non-toxic, the environment will not cause pollution or adverse effects. Heat conduction volume is different from the car antifreeze, and ordinary people are often related to life, in case of leakage when there is water, diet and personal skin mixed or contact with the existence of the wind eyelid, so the product must be non-toxic or micro poison. 
Automobile antifreeze or automobile antifreeze formulations made Heat conduction medium adding a lot of highly toxic substances sodium nitrite, and some also joined another toxic substance dichromate, the final product of LD 50 values (rat Oral) in the 10-15mg / kg, are highly toxic substances, used in solar and air source heat pump heating heat exchange system there is a big security risk, Ding Long product formulations do not contain highly toxic nitrite, dichromate substances, antifreeze main nontoxic propylene glycol, Glycerin, as well as low toxicity Ethylene glycol, nontoxic ensure that products (low toxicity), LD 50(oral, rat)> 5000mg / kg. 

Good inhibition effect 

Automobile antifreeze or done automobile antifreeze formulations Heat conduction medium, which is mainly for aluminum and ferrous metals formulated with select additives on the corrosion inhibition additives are mainly partial Sodium silicate and sodium nitrite, sodium butoxide is an effective aluminum corrosion inhibitor, but the heat is easy to form flocculent colloid and precipitate down, resulting in antifreeze in the corrosion inhibitor has formed precipitation can not play a slow Corrosion, the solar system due to dirt attached to the jacket or pipe to reduce the heat conduction medium flow rate, reduce heat transfer efficiency, and increase the risk of corrosion. 
Dinglong Solar thermal conductive medium Formed with organic carboxylic acid corrosion inhibitor, targeted to the solar system in the metal material (copper, brass, carbon steel and stainless steel, etc.) for professional corrosion, Corrosion inhibitor non-toxic (low toxicity), and the solution has good compatibility, both in the low temperature, room temperature or high temperature, will not precipitate, with high corrosion inhibition performance, and has a long corrosion effect. 

Private customize to meet customers' needs
According to local conditions, different areas to provide different freezing products. The lower the freezing point, the higher the antifreeze content, the higher the cost, the smaller the heat capacity of the product, the worse the heat transfer effect. Therefore, the freezing point is enough on the line, lower than the local minimum temperature of 5 ℃; according to the customer system used to add different anti-corrosion additives and antifreeze, to provide customers with the most economical and applicable products; according to customer requirements, 10 kg / barrel, 10 kg / barrel, 12 kg / barrel, 15 kg / barrel, 20 kg / barrel, 25 kg / barrel, 200 kg / barrel and 230 kg / barrel and other packaging specifications.

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